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Rachelle Ferrell began singing at the age of six, which contributed to the "development of her startling six-and-change octave range." Her range also includes the ability to reach the whistle register, as stated in an editorial review in which she references her whistle note in "It only took a minute" as "Minnie Riperton-like wailing". She received classical training on violin at an early age and by the time she was a teen, she was able to play the piano at a professional level. She enrolled in Berklee College of Music in Boston where she honed her musical abilities in arrangement, singing and songwriting. Ferrell's 1992 eponymous debut album was released on Capitol Records and had a more contemporary/pop ambience. She, however, was also able to release jazz recordings on Blue Note Records, as a result of her unique contract. In 2014, Rachelle Ferrell appeared on a new webseries called "Now What with Kevin E. Taylor," where she was the series season premiere. Ferrell decided, moved by Spirit, to sing her entire interview and at one point, she reduced the host to tears. [edit] Discography * 1989: First Instrument (Blue Note) * 1992: Rachelle Ferrell (Manhattan) * 1994: Somethin' Else[4] * 2000: Individuality (Can I Be Me?) (Capitol) * 2002: Live at Montreux (Blue Note) [edit] Trivia In 1999, Rachelle appeared at the "Lady of Soul Awards" to pay tribute to Natalie Cole singing "I've Got Love On My Mind." The audience gave Rachelle a standing ovation.[5] The jazz singer later commented that she was surprised at the reaction, "I came out with no make up, with wild hair…and the people went crazy! It was such a blessing to have people respond that way after being away for [such] a long time…"[6]

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