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Ra.d biography

Birth name: Lee Doo-hyun Ra.D (born 1980) is South Korean singer who mixes R&B, soul, and hip hop in his music. He combines R&B, soul, and hip hop to create his own style of music. All of the songs in his albums are placed in meaningful sequence to create a unique story. If his first album sang of the process of meeting and parting with love, the second album is about new loves and his affection for family and friends. Ra. D always makes new attempts and stretches the extent of his talents by taking part in songwriting, adaptation, mixing, and even mastering. Perhaps that’s why all of his albums feature something unique and original, something that can be called Ra. D’s signature. Albums My Name Is Ra. D (1st album, 2002-09) To You Medial Doll Never Forget 2002 Can I Get a Little Bit So One Realcollabo (2nd album, 2008-12-12) Goodbye Sweet Love Mother I’m In Love Mal Love Couple Song RealCollabo + RMX (2009-07-15) Everything’s Gonna Be Alright I’m In Love I Could Sing of Your Love Forever Jesus Loves Me Find him on his myspace page: http://www.myspace.com/radh80

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