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There are at least two artists with this name: 1. Rada Neal, pianist. 2. RadA, Ukranian metal band. 1. RADA is Rada Neal Rada was born in a refugee camp in Gemany on Dec. 8, 1950. Her parents had fought for and then fled war torn Yugoslavia. The Serbian church would help to play a role in their hopes for a safe life in America. After forty-eight difficult hours of travel [ in a 64 passenger prop plane] they arrived in New York, via Scotland and Canada on Jan, 29, 1951. The family of four traveled by train to Chicago where they began their new life. Without an education and little English skills they were in for many new challenges. Rada's parents paid for all four of their daughters[ Sonja, Radmila, Ljubinka & Nada] to attend and complete their university studies. Upon their deaths they had also managed to have three properties mortgage free. Rada's father, Lazar, worked at Inland Steel and her mother, Marija, managed to make ends meet and always found a source of extra income for the family. For a while Marija had her own grocery store business and she eventually sold real estate. Marija noticed early on that Rada had a love and passion for music and she was her daughter's biggest fan. She always wanted Rada to play when guests came over. Rada was somewhat shy and felt her mom was 'showing her off ', which was not Rada's style. Rada studied music @ the School of Music in Bloomington ,Indiana. She taught music for many years and now is pursuing her own compositions and recordings. To date she has recorded 6 cds of original music and also a special Christmas Cd of her own arrangements. She continues to practice and write daily in her studio in Pagosa Springs, Co. 2. RadA is a metal band from Kiev, UA led by vocalist Рада Романовская.

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