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Radiant-x biography

Born in New York City, Radiant-X was exposed from an early age to myriads of Classic, Contemporary and Ethnic music. He began studying piano at the age of 9, guitar at the age of 12 and by the time he was 17 he was a fully affluent Guitarist, Bassist and Keyboardist playing with future great musicians of his era. In his 20's, he began traveling abroad. It was Asia that he began to hone in on Eastern music, particularly India. Here he spent almost 2 years experimenting with music from the Southern coastal states to the Northern Himalayas. He was truly able to fuse Eastern and Western music as he traveled performing for and with indigenous people. This set the foundation for his understanding of ethnic styles and how to combine them in future works. Radiant-X currently resides in Los Angeles where he is working with the latest HD and Sampling technology. He has combined his sought after professional audio production and engineering skills with his diverse musical abilities to create recordings rich in clarity and texture. Considering this rich musical background, his tracks are not just limited to a diversity of world flavor, but also cover the styles of Rock, Alternative, Metal, Grunge, Trance, Industrial, Hip Hop, Ambient, African, Latin, Brazilian, Funk, Jazz, Fusion, Folk and Country.

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