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Radio Bagdad is a Polish punk/rock band formed in Spring 2004 in Gdańsk under the temporary name of Saspe (which was the German name of Zaspa, the district of Gdańsk, where the band members come from). Sielak (voice, guitar and also author of all lyrics), the founder, wanted to create band which would play lively and melodic songs with intelligent lyrics. Dzik (bass) soon joined him but there still was no drummer. Eventually they found Ugm but due to musical differences he was replaced by Majones in Autumn 2004. The band's name was changed to Radio Bagdad, as it started to emerge on local music scene... They play expressive music contained in simple form. Their most popular song is cover of London Calling named Londyn Dzwoni. The lyrics are different, though, treating of recent waves of Polish emigration to UK but specifically London. So far they recorded 3 demos (2004-2005) and played over 60 concerts including Polish festivals such as: Union of Rock - Węgorzewo, Hunterfest - Szczytno or famous Jarocin Festival.

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