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There are multiple artists named Ravi: 1) Norwegian pop musician. 2) Welsh kora player. 3) French punk rock band. 4) Australian pop rock band. 5) Turkish pop singer (full name: Ravi İncigöz). 6) 1960s Bollywood composer. 1) Ivar Christian Johansen (born 28 April 1976) is a Norwegian popular musician. The pseudonym "Ravi" is his first name backwards. He writes songs together with Anders Løvlie under the name Ravi og DJ Løv. He is probably most famous for the remake of the song "Cheerio" by The Monroes. He renamed this song Tsjeriåu/Tsjeriå. In the music video for this song he appears as a baby and DJ Løv dressed as a Marine with The Monroes. Ravi is also famous for his short body, red hair and beard. He was part of creating Jaga Jazzist and he's played with Briskeby. Ravi has also appeared in "Venn" by Espen Lind and Lene Marlin which was made to raise money for tsunami victims. Ravi has released many albums, in his own "Ravi language", he writes things phonetically, e.g. "cheerio" = "tsjeriåu", "kroppen min" (my body) = kråpn min, and "it's too late to cry" = "its tu leit tu krai". Some of his other known songs are "Utadæsjælåplevelse", "E-Ore", "Ås to i osjlo" and "Dødssøt". Currently he is the host of the show "Landeplage" on NRK. 2) Ravi is a Welsh kora player. Ravi has played kora in his unique style since 1985, developing a stereo/electric/aluminium kora. He released over fifteen albums, he is also a singer/songwriter, instrumentalist, composer and overtone singer. Live & recording projects include: Neuneneu (Humanity) with the Mehenaku Amazonian indians and Marlui Miranda, Kora Colours, The Overtone Choir, The Afro-Indian Project, The Afro-Brazilian Project plus solo performances and a duet with Marlui Miranda. 3) Ravi is a punk rock band from Caen, France. 4) Ravi is a pop rock band from Sydney, Australia formed in 2009. The group consists of Ali Mireskandari and Pedram Nikaeen.

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