Rayhon top 20 songs


Rayhon biography

Rayhon was born in the family of Otabek Ganiyev - the famous cinema actor, grandson of Uzbek cinema founder Nabi Ganiev. Her career in music goes back all the way to her 5th birthday when her mom gets Rayhon a piano as a present. Soon she successfully graduates from the Republican Musical Art school. However she chooses different career and applies to the English Philology department of The University of World Languages. In 1999 Rayhon creates a duet "Hayol", which includes some of her personal works. "Hayol" existed only a year, but that was enough time to leave some traces on hearts of people. "Hayol" was invited to many concerts and shows, particularly to Bolalar Show, Otabek Show, Piligrim Show, Tarona Show. The group took part in Sezam hit parade. The most famous of their songs was Eslama, written in English as well as in Uzbek. In February 2000, the duet breaks up and Rayhon starts her own solo career. Rayhons fortune acquaints her with great people who help her to achieve goals. In a great cooperation with Vagif Zakirov, Rayhon writes her first songs such as "Sevgi", "Azoblaysan", "Soginch". Denis Belyaev composed "Bir dona suz", and Vitaliy Zolotorev composes two hits of the season -"Yuk- Yuk" and "Yolvorma".

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