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RedLightGreenLight formed in August 2005 as the result of a spur of the moment jam session between five local friends in a basement in Rockaway, New Jersey. After only three practices, and without a band name, the five went and recorded a four song demo (the "oh shite demo"). Three months later they put themselves in the studio to record there full length debut "music theory is for suckers". Derek Reilly (vocals), Mike Nedo (bass/vocals), Alex Reilly (keyboard), Dan Diaz (guitar) and John Maiello (drums) have been involved in the New Jersey music scene for years and were upset with where it was going. "We are trying to remind kids that music and shows are fun and not about beating each other up or what kind of jeans you have on..." Derek RLGL. Pick up there debut full length at a show or online and remember "we're here to educate, we're not here to take up space".... i posted this off their myspace, check them out. -zach h. [a loyal fan]

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