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REVOLUTION The perfect balance of metal, punk, and grind from the old school to the new. This is the essence of the sound of REVOLUTION. It represents our feelings and also help us describe the sound. But most important of all, it represents the sound of our city, Miami, Florida. From the beginning, we wanted to mix metal, punk and grind in ways that has not been done before. Trying to bring the Miami Scene to burst has been our priority since day one.”As Heavy As A Sledgehammer” is how the sound was described by some of our listeners. Hailing from the ashes of different local bands, Gery, Joel and Mr. Jhon started to jam in a regular basis. Gery played drums and sung most of the sessions. A song called REVOLUTION came out in this first set of songs. We called an old friend ‘Abe’ to fill in drums, he helped us tight the songs up getting us ready to play. Unfortunately, he didn’t like the direction the band was taking and decided to leave the band. Danny jumped in the drum set, and we were out playing open mics by mid 2007. It was good times, we will call the band a different name at every show.After a few shows, we decided to call the band like the first song we composed. REVOLUTION was born, but still didn’t have a steady drummer. Finally, Joel’s friend refers them to Kevin. He auditioned and within the first minute of the audition. We all knew we had found the fourth member of REVOLUTION. The first “official” REVOLUTION show was February 28th, 2008, at club Drakkes. It was on! We played over two hundred shows in a two year period. We won the “BEST SHOW” at the STATUS-QUO AWARD CEREMONY 2008 produced by DJ OSKI and QUEEN OF THE SCENE. We stayed “Number One” local band at the REVERBNATION CHARTS for over two years. We had live broadcasts from “MEZZ TV” and “THE TALENT FARM”. The song “HOPELESS” was featured in TLP RADIO in Tampa Florida, in the Monday Metal Show BRUTAL BACKHAND. REVOLUTION was the “featured band” at the Peruvian radio station “MAXIMO VOLUMEN” having the songs “Never Again” and “Death In Paradise” in heavy rotation. The song “Never Again” is featured in the 2009 Kryptonite Allstars Compilation CD. We record our first Ep. “LIVE TO FIGHT”. The cover art is created by extremely talented local artist N.F.Romero. It was mixed and mastered by multi instrumentalist Mick Kenney (ANAAL NATHRAKH, NAPALM DEATH, DELIVERANCE). It is on sale in AMAZON MP3, ITUNES STORE, and ANDROID STORE. The songs from the first Ep appeared in several compilations (KRYPTONITE ALLSTARS II and III, COLOSSAL MUSIC FESTIVAL ALLSTARS, LARGOPALOOZA, SPRINGBREAK BASH 2010).By June of 2010, Mr. Jhon decided to abandon the band for personal reasons. We stayed still for a couple of months looking for a replacement. Finally, Robbie D. calls Gery and tells him that he needs to audition him. That no one else is gonna call, because he has grabbed all the adds from the store. He fitted perfectly as a rhythm guitar. Now, we were in the search for a lead guitar. We had to settle with a guy named Raul, because we had shows lined up. REVOLUTION was featured in THE METAL DELI RADIOSHOW from Chicago. Kevin and Raul part ways from REVOLUTION, putting us in stand by one more time. Robbie decides to bring his old bandmates from THE CHAOS LEGION to fill in the vacant spots. Jack Sinister join us in guitar and Choupah Brootality on drums. REVOLUTION has played in Miami’s most prominent venues (TOBACCO ROAD, CHURCHILLS, FLAVOUR, DRAKES, STUDIO A, ROCKSHOP, VINYL & KAY, JAZZID, EVE, etc) We have also entered the Broward circuit playing at their most important venues ( AREA 7, PULP LIVE, MUGSHOTS, OMALLEYS, VENOM ROCK BAR). But we have also gone south to Key Largo @ PONTUNES. We are getting ready for recording, and Robbie decides to leave the band for family reasons. Shortly after, he is replaced by talented Mars Clemente. Having his first show two days after he joined the band. REVOLUTION has been featured in articles in the most important written media in Miami ( The MIAMI HERALD, MIAMI NEW TIMES, ARISTOCATS, MIAMI LIFE MAGAZINE, MIAMI SNAPSHOTS). We use STEVE CLAYTON picks and accesories. REVOLUTION uses OBSCENITEASE gear in our performances. REVOLUTION is trying to keep live music alive!! Now you started the REVOLUTION!!!!

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