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There are several artists with that name. 1. Rey is a Japanese band who signed onto the Lantis label in 2008. They are described as the "real anison band" (本気のアニソンバンド honki no anison bando?) for their performances of anime theme songs. Front man Kenta Harada claims that their band's name comes from both Hironobu Kageyama's band Lazy and the anime character Rei Ayanami. The group's debut single under Lantis was used as the first ending theme of Tomica Hero: Rescue Fire. Rey was also included on Lantis's compilation album Gundam Tribute from Lantis, covering "Stand Up to the Victory", the first opening theme for Mobile Suit V Gundam. Members: Kenta Harada (原田謙太): Vocals and lyricist Takayuki Sakamoto (坂本尭之): Bass guitar Kenji Terazono (寺園健二): Guitar Shinya Tasaki (田崎慎也): Guitar Official website: -------------------------- 2. Andrei A. Lucaschi (born May 26 , 1988) better known by his stage name REY , is an Romanian Rapper from Balta Alba neighborhood of Bucharest. He began his career in 2005 as a member of 10Tone Crew that consists of : Piccolo, Vudu, Marz, Benzen, GOST, Tony, Zergon.The Crew first became known in 2006 following the release of the independent single "Declaratie de razboi", which immediately gave the group a sizable underground following.He is one half of the rap duo S.K.Dron along with fellow rapper Vudu (wich is also a member of 10Tone). Soon, his album "YSUS" (2011) -------------------------- 3. Rey Beatbox aka Matis Rei is a beatboxer from Estonia. Rey has been doing all kinds of sounds and rhythms since he was a little boy (6-7 years old). He did his first beats in second grade. After that he stopped main beatbox for a few years and when he was in 8th grade he heard that this thing is called "human beatbox". He started to listen Rahzel, Kenny Muhammad, Killa Kela and other beatboxers and hip hop. After that he started taking beatboxing seriously again. Since 2003-2004 he has been rocking on stages all over Estonia, developed himself and became on of the biggest beatbox names in Scandinavian countries. Since 2006 he has a female vocal singer with him on stages - Teele Viira, who is one of the best jazz singers in Estonia. He is working with some of the best dnb scene in the world and also many hiphop artist in baltic-scandinavian countries. http://REYBEATS.COM or

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