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A bio is something bands are supposed to have on their websites, and is an abbreviation for biography. It's a tool we are told to use by the marketing people we can't afford yet, because we are a new band. We are supposed to tell you things like, our name is ROHAN. We are from Brisbane, Queensland Australia. And compare our music to Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Soundgarden, Failure, Nirvana, Clutch or any other popular band we feel inspired by, in an effort to appeal to your taste in music... before you have even heard one of our songs. They tell us a bio is important because it helps draw-in would be fans and as the first impression; this first paragraph should be interesting, engaging and as unique as possible. We've also included our photo. The industry "gurus" suggest using a photo next to our bio so you know what we look like. Or more importantly, so you may gauge whether our sense of style will appeal to your idea of "cool". This is also where we are supposed to tell you the person on the left is Connor who beats his drums like it owes him money, and the person on the right is Sep V, who shouts and occasionaly sings while lovingly bashing his guitar. Since the band bio is a marketing tool, a good bio should inform you of our current status. Mention things like... we are gearing up to release an EP. Also, we are mid-way through recording our debut album and shooting music videos. A bio should include background info, but not starting with things like - "Sep started playing piano from age 10", etc. No. Because that will make a media or industry person's eyes gloss over. Rather, a bio should inform you of something more dynamic. Like, before ROHAN became a duo... it was a four piece. Until one night Sep got really pissed-(drunk/off) at a bandmate for dry humping his back on stage during the big ballad. Sep later threatened to kick his ass in the parking lot. Shortly after, Sep was "let go" from ROHAN by the rest of the band members. That's when ROHAN was born... again. At some point in this bio, we are supposed to list our accolades and highlights. For example, our touring up and down the east coast of Australia. Or making the Top 100 on 4ZZZ FM. Or letting you know that a handful of radio stations are playing our music across Australia, even though we are an independent band operating without a "budget" or label. Further it should encourage you to call-in to your favorite DJ at your favorite radio station and request our current single Fight. In doing this not only will more people hear our music, but there is a tiny possibility someone "influential" will "break" us on a "commercial" format that has millions of listeners... if, you help to create a "buzz" about us. Well this is just what we've been told. Unfortunately we couldn't afford the marketing person, and we don't know how to write a bio. So, thanks for stopping by and we hope you take a listen, watch a clip and tell a friend to join you at one of our shows...RAWK!

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