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In 1980, Gian Piero Reverberi selected talented young musicians graduating from different Italian Conservatories to form a new musical group to be named Rondo Veneziano, little knowing that what they were creating would make his compositions famous all over the world. The group Rondo Veneziano was at first a chamber orchestra like the well known groups of I MUSICI and SOLISTI VENETI. Afterwards the originally all-female act was elaborated to improve the orchestral performance by adding two rhythmical elements - electric bass and drums - that though being modern instruments, are used mainly to enhance some passages, respecting the traditional musical forms typical of the 18th century. For awhile, Rondo Veneziano had a group that performed at Walt Disney World in EPCOT Center at the Italy pavilion. The photo at left shows the group at Disney in front of the stage where they performed. Sadly, they no longer perform there, however, for a few years afterwards, a new group, Nova Era performed on the same stage and utilized some of the members who played for the Disney edition of Rondo Veneziano.

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