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1) Most of the greatest Hip-Hop ever created was forged in the crucible adversity; adversity that required perseverance and creativity to not only survive, but to overcome and succeed. Ruslan creates the type of Hip-Hop that inspires, encourages, and entertains everyone who hears it because it celebrates the triumph and success while bearing the scorch marks of adversity that we all know well. Born in Baku, Azerbaijan, Ruslan and his family fled to Russia in the ‘90s to escape religious persecution. The journey eventually took him half-way around the world, to San Diego, California. Growing up in a completely new and different culture meant Ruslan needed to adapt. He had to make new friends in a new land without even being able to speak the language. He had to find a way to express himself that was true to himself, where he had come from, and where he was going. He found that expression through Hip-Hop. Ruslan quickly discovered he had a passion for Hip-Hop and a talent for lyricism. Being an MC was a natural fit. He spent every spare moment wearing out pen after pen in his rhyme book. Never one to shy away from a freestyle battle, Ruslan rhymed for anyone who would listen, establishing a strong reputation in the San Diego Hip-Hop community as an MC who had a style and delivery all his own that resonated with everyone who heard him. Ruslan eventually formed his own Hip-Hop crew, theBREAX. His lyricism and musical talent helped take their debut album, “Never Arrive,” to #3 on the iTunes Hip-Hop charts. His talent has been recognized by fans and fellow Hip-Hop artists, alike. Aside from doing his own headlining shows and a recent tour with Fonzworth Bentley, Ruslan has opened for, or performed with, world-class acts such as Mobb Deep, Ghostface Killah, Raekwon, Arrested Development, Lecrae, War, and Yelawolf. Ruslan’s passion for Hip-Hop and his desire to inspire and encourage others to success has helped him in all areas of his life. While building a career in Hip-Hop, Ruslan has successfully graduated from high school and college. He is happily married, and he has also started his own entertainment and lifestyle brand, Kings Dream. Ruslan knows what’s it’s like to face tremendous adversity. He’s knows what it’s like to persevere and succeed. His music is true to his experience, and he seeks to use his music and his experiences to entertain and inspire others to success in their own lives. 2.) Latvian shitcore/brakcore artist. Gets support form artists like: Madonna, Britney Spears, Mika etc. With his track - Second Dimension, got first place in UK top40 singles chart.

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