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The music of Saint-Preux is universal and timeless, combining classical, popular, and contemporary musical trends. He enjoys worldwide sales of more than thirty millions records. In August 1969, at age 19, Saint-Preux took part in the festival of Sopot in Poland. On that occasion, he conducted a symphonic orchestra which performed his first large scale composition, La valse de l'enfance. He was awarded the International Press Prize of the Festival. During his stay in Poland he composed the Concerto pour une voix which soon was at the forefront of international charts. Since then, his popularity has continued to grow, with compositions such as: Le Piano sous la mer, La fête triste, Missa Amoris, and Symphonie pour la Pologne. In 1986, he composed a « Hymn » for UNICEF, which was performed at the place de la Concorde in Paris on the night of 14 July. For this occasion, he met His Holiness the Pope Jean-Paul II, to whom he dedicated and gave the original partition(?). Saint-Preux has performed with many of the greatest and most famous orchestras, including: The London Symphony Orchestra, The Symphonic Orchestra of Poland and The Cracow Choirs, The Paris Philharmonic Orchestra, and The Montreal Symphonic Orchestra. Concerto pour une voix, with more than 15 million recordings sold worldwide (all versions), and Le Piano sous la mer, with more than 3 million recordings sold, are considered to be great classics of popular music. In 1994, The Last opera was performed by The London Symphonic World Orchestra, joined again with Saint-Preux's lyrical and romantic inspiration. In 1996, he entered the world of multimedia where he found – just like in his music – the unlimited freedom to communicate with others. A new compilation of his music gave him the opportunity to launch his first CD-ROM and make a space on the Internet for artists and composers. It is a meeting place, an open window looking out on the world. In 1999, Saint-Preux combined the London Symphony Orchestra with 3 young talented, guest artists, Rosemary Phillips and Monelle & Alice de Selys, on his album Free Yourself. In 2005, Saint-Preux recorded Jeanne la Romantique, a conceptual album which will also become a play and a film.

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