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Stage name of swedish dj and trancer Anthony Sillfors, who describes his music as “a sci-fi sound effects orientated morning trance". S-Range is one of the most highly requested Live Act and DJ in the Trance scene, he has performed in almost all Countries around the World including all Major Festivals and Parties as a Headline Artist for the last 8 years. He has sold more then 700 000 copies of his Music featured on Albums, Singles, V/A compilations and Digital downloads since 1999. Anthony is also a part of Team Cubase, an Artist relationship pool with his Sponsors Steinberg Media Technology, one of the major supplier of Music applications including the award winning Cubase 4, to test and help them with opinions and suggestions to improve their products. Expect nothing more then the finest and highest quality productions from Swedens top producer. For more info, check out the s-range website

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