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Saad biography

Saad can refer to 3 artists: 1. Baba Saad a German Rapper 2. Saad, a House producer/DJ based in Canberra, Australia. 3. Saad, (Saad El Soghayar), Arabian Exotica/Bellydance artist.. 1.Baba Saad (born as Saad El-Haddad, November 26th 1985 in Beirut) is a german rapper with libanese origins. His mother however is of turkish origins. Saad left his home country 1997 for Germany because of war. First he lived in Syke before he and his Family moved to Bremen. After he graduated school, Bushido, who is his cousin, was attracted by his rapping skills. First Bushido wanted Saad to get a job, but after he heard a track by Saad, he changed his mind. In April 2005, they released together the album 'Carlo Cokxxx Nutten II'. The most-known song of that album is probably 'Nie ein Rapper' which entered the top ten of the german single charts. After Carlo Cokxxx Nutten II, Saad could be found on various releases by other artists for example on Game Over by Azad, on Staatsfeind Nr 1 by Bushido, on Hart(z) 4 by Eko Fresh and so on. Saad first solo Cd was released on 16th of June. The single was released the same day, it is called 'Womit hab ich das verdient'. A video was produced to promote the album, but MTV didnt accept it, with arguments which aren't really understandable. Even though without promotion, the album enter the Top 15 of the German Album Charts.

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