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there is only one project that was able to speed up fantasies of BlueRoom/UK- Saafi Brothers. Inspired by his annual travels to India, Gabriel Le Mar starts a collaboration with Frankfurt-based producer Michael Kohlbecker on researching unknown spiritual flight-zones in exotic club sound environments. Saafi Brothers quickly make their way into the hearts of music lovers. The debut LP Mystic Cigarettes and the following second LP Midnight's Children on the well known British label BlueRoom Rel./UK reached cult status worldwide. With their unique sound of deep vibes and dubby influences, Gabriel Le Mar and Michael Kohlbecker made a little revolution on their own and kept releasing their music with the third longplayer Liquid Beach. Supernatural is the forth album of producer/artists Saafi Brothers - the album is produced with an emphasis on live sound manipulations and fat bass lines laying down deep and dub-wise grooves. Saafi Brothers new album Live on the Roadblog is going to be released on Iboga Records in Febr 2014. Music and ideas and the interaction process will always go on, the Saafi Brothers tell us a lot of stories. With "Live on the Roadblog" they walk a deep line between ambientdub orientation and blissed out beats. Luca Anzilotti, George DIN and Rikta join Gabriel Le Mar, Michael Kohlbecker and Groovetitan for the production. Sleepless-faced on music Saafi Brothers digged deep into a series of "live recording sessions", rediscovering the emotional depth of "real-time created music" after a couple of live shows that fueled the idea of creating an entirely live recorded album. In a jammin´ good time it becomes more and more developing into something more meaningful, working with lyrics and create moments. The crossing line in this axis is the storytelling aspect that is reflected in the directional lyrics, based on poems by George DIN. It´s about to be off and to experience what there is to experience, being on the road and get a sense of freedom. Performed by Plug and Markie J. "Live on the Roadblog" becomes a selection of short stories where the true soundtrack of Saafi Brothers bounce into. Finally an undisputed link in the album is the balance of machine language and organic live performance that creates the man-machine aspects of electronic music in their very own language - and on the other side the overall layer is linked to Dub music, in style as a production technique and electronic music that mixes up with electro-acoustic live performance - all in real-time and without auto-sync. The result is the organic flow and deepness in "Live on the Roadblog", linking the message like secret friends on the road. FAR BEYOND Saafi Brothers´ debut "Mystic Cigarettes" came out in 1997 on the well known british label Blue Room Released,UK. With the successful and today classic album, the project consisting of Frankfurt/Germany based producers Gabriel Le Mar and Michael Kohlbecker , immediately placed itself among the artists of the electronic ambient scene. Tracks from "Mystic Cigarettes" have been released on numerous compilations, the extracted 12“ „Internal.Code.Error.930“ featured a remix by british techno/dub project Bandulu and became a club hit. After a long tour with live and dj sets in clubs and at festivals the Saafis returned to the studio in early 2000 delivered their second album on Blue Room Released/UK, "Midnight’s Children". The album represented another perfect demonstration of the Saafi-style made up of the will to experiment and a feeling for the combination of different influences between west and east. The extracted 12“ „Into Deep Pt. 1+2“ found the way into many record bags of club- and radio-djs all over Europe, the b-side track „Not Fade Away“ featured guest producer Mike Maguire from british techno project Juno Reactor. Their third album "Liquid Beach" will follow that way even with more innovative elements and deepness. They were part of the cultstatus titled and legendary german TV-show called "SpaceNight" on BR3 and are asked for remixes for other artists, among them are reggae legend Bob Marley, leading german hip hop group Die Fantastischen Vier or british new wave poetress Anne Clark. With their forth album - "Supernatural" - the brothers made a strong musical relationship and combines electronic sounds from ambient to dub with world music influences. Their inspiration for their excursions through time, space and cultures comes from their journeys and triggers. LIVE Being productive and live-experienced artists since more than a decade Saafi Brothers live-appearances continue very electronic into a unique sound and vision experience. They will take us on a trip through trancey TechHouse-styles from deep Ambient Dub to energetic soulful Techno, merging their own productions with their DJ selection into one mix. At alternative and chill-out floors, Saafi Brothers play ambient and dub as well as electronic sounds. So far, they played at festivals like Ozora/HU, Sziget/HU, Tribal Gathering/UK, Mjaft/AL, Roskilde/DK, Arvika Festival/SW, Vision/CH or Summer Jam/G and have been guest in many clubs. Many stories must stay unmentioned at this point leaving an open space for future creation. releases: Mystic Cigarettes (1st longplayer) release: 06/1997 Label: Blue Room Released, London, UK/EFA Midnight`s Children (2nd longplayer) release: 05/2000 Label: Blue Room Released, London, UK/EFA Liquid Beach (3rd longplayer) release: 03/2003 Label: Secret Life Recordings/EFA Supernatural (4th longplayer) release: 06/2007 Label: Ayia Napa/Zyx Live on the Roadblog (5th longplayer) release: 02/2014 Label: Iboga Records/DK The name Saafi is derived from a Sanskrit word meaning "traveling musician".

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