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Saber Al Roubai biography

Saber Al Rubai is a famous Tunisian singer who was born on the 13th of March 1965. Saber Al Roubai was raised in a family with an artistic side, he plays the Oud and the Violin very well. Saber El Rubai has a unique voice, he sang the song Sarkha (Scream) for the famous composer Mohamed Al Majiri, a song which got a lot of attention in Tunisia. Saber signed a contract with music giant Rotana which added more to his fame. His song Aazz El Habayeb got his a lot of fame in the arab world. Saber El Robai is married and has a son named Islam and a daughter named Safaa. In the year 2001, Saber and Asala Nasri released a common album from the concert recording entitled Alli Ghara. Saber El Rubai Albums include Waheshni Jidan - 2009 El Ghorba - 2007 Ajmal Nisaa El Dounia - 2006 Athada El Alam - 2004 Sharea El Gharam - 2003 Alli Ghara (with Asala) - 2001 Ghalas Tarak - 2001 Hayarouni Ya Allah Roht W Jet Yali Bee Jamalik

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