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Saybia is a danish rock band that formed in Nyborg in 1993. They debuted with a self-titled EP in 2001, and broke through in 2002 with their debut album: "The Second You Sleep". Saybia received a Dansih Music Award for Best Danish album in 2003. Their third album was in the top 20 on the charts in the Netherlands, Norway and Switzerland. Saybia plays alternative rock in the vein of bands like Coldplay and Athlete, their tracks have anthemic and melodic charachter and depth added with Søren Huss' world class vocal - Huss has in recent years established a solo career, singing in danish language, and with a slight change of musical style, leaving the future of Saybia to the unknown, but they have not split up. They released three EPs before signing to EMI in the spring of 2001, after which they started working on their debut album The Second You Sleep. When this album was finished, the band started touring through Europe. In 2003, the band was about to break up. After recognizing this, the five bandmembers bought an old house on a Swedish island, renovated it and turned it into a studio. Saybia spent months on this island and wrote and recorded a lot of songs for These Are the Days, which was released in 2004. In 2007 they performed "Eyes on the highway" with their new album on studio with the first single "Angel" recorded in their own place first time for months. The band split up and played their last gig at 6 november 2008 at Pumpehuset. In 2011 and 2012 they played concerts again. Saybia is a nameplay on the cymbal manufacturer "Sabian", which is Palle's brand of choice. Lineup: Søren Huss (born 6 September 1975) – Vocals and acoustic guitar Jeppe Langebek Knudsen (born 17 August 1976) – Bass Palle Sørensen (born 8 September 1979) – Drums Sebastian Sandstrøm (born 30 June 1978) – Guitar Jess Jensen (born 8 March 1977) – Keyboard Albums and EPs Dawn of a New Life (1998) Chapter 3 (2000) Saybia (2001) The Second You Sleep (2002) The Live EP (2003) These Are the Days (2004) Eyes on the Highway (2007)

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