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Creative CV of Sabine BEREZINA Sabine Berezina was born in 3 July, 1990 in Latvia, Bauska. At now she lives in Riga and studies the first year in Purvciema Housekeeping school of Riga. She is graduated piano class in Music school of Bauska. The career of soloist Sabine was started in 1998. She was participating in international pop music competition „Aprila Pilieni“. In 2003, 2004 and 2005 Sabine was taking the part in Children Eurovision of Latvia National Elimination Competition. In 2005 Sabine obtained the third place in Children Eurovision with the song „Ir laiks“. Sabine was represent her country in several international singer competitions and festivals in Italy, Germany, Lithuania, Estonia, Belarus, Egypt, Kazakhstan, Poland, Rumania, Russia, Spain and others. The year 2007 was very full of different events in Sabines Berezinas creative career. In July she was taking the part in International Polish song competition „ Wrzesnia 2007 ” where Sabine wan the first place. In the middle of October Sabine was invited for standing for Latvia in Kazakhstan and Moscow. There was the creative report concert of Kazakhstan composer Tolegen MUHAMEDŽANOV. Sabine was singing together with such popular variety artist of Russia as Stas PJEHA, band NA NA, A STUDIO, Roza REMBAJEVA a.o. In the middle of November Sabine Berezina wan the GRAN PRIX in the International Vocalist competition “BERLINER PERLE” of Germany. Sabine Berezina is one of competitor in Eurovision 2008 semifinal. The Swedish composer Ann Charlott Gensler chooses Sabine as her song IF I ONLY KNEW performer. At September of 2008 Sabine was represent her country in International Festival of Pop Music “GOLDEN STAG 2008” (CERBUL DE AUR 2008) in Romania, Brasov. At now Sabine is cooperating with Ruslan KUKSINOVICH from the band DEVICE. His song “Do YA” is starting in radio SWH broadcast “Priekshnams”

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