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If you are looking for the Israeli rap artist סאבלימינל (real name Kobi Shimoni), your music is incorrectly tagged. You will find him here: סאבלימינל There are at least ten artists known as Subliminal. 1) Subliminal is a german power electronics project by Albert Fisch. The typical sound of his work is one of the characteristic features of Haus Arafna's infamous 'Galakthorrö' label on which he released the albums 'Gracebudd' (2000) and 'Coping'(2006). "I make traditional Power-Electronics: analogue, aggressive, straight ahead. In this way I try to attach my own voice so closely to tape-inserts and voice-samples that my voice and the alien voices melt into one. During this process I can see, and experience how I transmute... how I become someone else... expand out of myself, at least that is the feeling I get. But all through this I am in control. I am the creator. Something new evolves - I also evolve, that is my motivation for sublimination." - Albert Fisch A hot favourite and with us since the year 2000. Albert Fisch – alias Subliminal – brought attention to himself with his brutal machine-loops and accomplished use of tape inserts on his first album "Gracebudd". The limited vinyl version of "Gracebudd" was immediately sold out. With his second album in 2006, he bared his inner-self to the world. The tape inserts were now, for the most part, replaced by an extremely aggressive vocal performance, thus giving free rein to his emotions, and that makes for real power. Powerelectronics at its best – Albert Fisch teases the most impressive vibrations from his synthesizers, steering the dirtiest of sounds and swings the needles from the hip. Its the same with "Look At The Creation" and will certainly continue in the future. One thing is obvious, if he wasn't such an introvert, he'd have secured a season ticket to place No. 1 in the charts – that's how sexy this knob twiddling nerd is – delivering hit after hit. There are still people who enjoy their normal life. He is an artist without ambition and proud of it. GALAKTHORRÖ DISCOGRAPHY: GALAKTHORRÖ 013 A SUBLIMINAL "GRACEBUDD" LP, hand-numbered limited edition GALAKTHORRÖ 013 B SUBLIMINAL "GRACEBUDD" CD, unlimited edition Galakthorrö 016 A VARIOUS ARTISTS "KOSMOLOKO" LP, hand-numbered limited edition GALAKTHORRÖ 016 B VARIOUS ARTISTS "KOSMOLOKO" CD, unlimited edition Galakthorrö 018 A SUBLIMINAL "COPING" LP, hand-numbered limited edition Galakthorrö 018 B SUBLIMINAL "COPING" CD, unlimited edition GALAKTHORRÖ 023 SUBLIMINAL "LOOK AT THE CREATION" 7" EP, hand-numbered limited edition GALAKTHORRÖ 029 A VARIOUS ARTISTS "KOSMOLOKO 2" LP, hand-numbered limited edition GALAKTHORRÖ 029 B VARIOUS ARTISTS "KOSMOLOKO 2" CD, unlimited edition GALAKTHORRÖ 031 SUBLIMINAL "UNDER PRESSURE"

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