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There are three artists named Sabretooth on lastfm. Sabretooth (Ben Fraser) from Sabretooth Records who has no affiliation with the Sabretooth on the Acuna Boyz Productions record label (an ambient, Chill out and Downtempo Acid Jazz artist). Sabretooth is also a metal band from Cape Town, South Africa. 1) After 12 years playing the drums, culminating in an album deal with Swiss punk band Tastes Like Chicken (now BMC), Sheffield-based Ben Fraser now focuses his efforts on creating high-quality late-night entertainment... This takes the form of swarming, precision-made pleasure machines: the unique driving acid-tinged filth that is the Ben Fraser sound. Since his first release on Planet Zogg Records in 2005, Ben has gone on to set-up Sabretooth Records: an outlet for his unique blend of all things deep, dark and driving. Ben has also taken his livePA all around the UK, and more recently abroad, with devastating effects at many top underground clubs- his resident’s slot at Planet Zogg (Sheffield), Underground City (Birmingham), Neuroshocked (Szczecin, Poland), Illuminaughty (Manchester), Ripsnorter (Bristol), Riff Raff (Leeds), Sunrise (Manchester), Absurd Grooves (Krakow, Poland), Kulu (Bradford), Cabbage (Leeds), Psycle (Nottingham), Shamania Festival and so on. His commitment to live performance has recently seen him develop a set based around improvised percussion, bringing a fury of punk-style drumming to Ben’s already energetic shows. Ben has also turned his production skills to an exciting full-on psy trance project, simply named Sabretooth. This is an opportunity for him to build on his long-standing love of Goa trance, to create a purer and slicker version of his driving sound. Coming soon: Sabretooth 2 album coming soon 30th Jan 09! 2) The other Sabretooth, on the Acuna Boyz Productions record label is an ambient, Chill out and Downtempo Acid Jazz artist who has no affiliation with the Sabretooth (Ben Fraser) above. Sabretooth draws his influences from the likes of The Orb and Massive Attack and presently has taken a break from production to enjoy the clubbing scene worldwide. Discography Splash (Acuna Boyz Productions) Beleive in Love (Acuna Boyz Productions) Passion Fruit (Acuna Boyz Porductions) 3) Sabretooth is a neoclassical metal band from Cape Town, South Africa. Fusing modern metal with more classical stylings, the band has taken the local scene by storm! "We exist because we want to hear the music that no other band can give us. So we go to arms (be it guitar or drums or whatever) to fill the void that music creates for us! Our Mission statement would be that we want to rock, want to rock harder and want to rock with class and style that will shine the light on those in the dark!" Sabretooth currently have 3 tracks up for download: Trojan, Will and Testament + Burn Away My Guise.

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