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Saburuko biography

Representing Brooklyn, NY, by way of the UK, Saburuko were the duo of Russell Knight and Edward Parker. Now gone their separate ways Russell retains the good name of Saburuko while Ed is known as Edward Oberon and is making quite an impact as a solo artist.. Having spent their formative years back in their respective homes of Scotland and Wales they took over 2 decades of DJ and production experience to critical acclaim the world over. . With a rich and diverse musical background that is clearly evident in their productions it is claimed the ear they had for melody, mood and atmosphere was not seen in one set group. Evidence of this can be heard in their lead off release on Horizons, the Boro Park EP, featuring 4 tracks ranging in styles it is a perfect primer to the sound that is Saburuko: multi-faceted, deep, emotional and real. With numerous releases on Horizons, Integral, Future Thinkin, Sonorous, and Innerground the journey continues for both artists.

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