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Sacha di Manolo is also known as Sacha Sieff : parisian producer, music lover, record grabber, doing songs, remixes, re-edits, soundtracks, bande-son, selections, dj sets. Some works: 45 tours sur ekleroshock (2009) citroen (publicité monde) zim & co (soundtrack from pierre jolivet movie) covers for beatrice ardisson (audi & david bowie compilations) soundtrack-bande-son-compositions (ysl, l'oréal, hermes, clarins ...) museum soundtracks (lille "transphotographique" & nrv museum düsseldorf) 'ride on', the video , directed by b22mo. Collaborations and works with Ben Molinaro, Adrien Jolivet, Manuel Armstrong, dj Gero, Oliver Gage, Timo, Sainto, Hugues Coltman, Hindi Zahra, Mark Kerr, Ibrahim Maalouf, Sulshab ....

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