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Sacramentum biography

Sacramentum was a melodic death/black/thrash metal band from Göteborg, Sweden and was formed in 1990. The band was initially named Tumulus, although shortly before the release of their demo "Sedes Impiorum", their name was changed to Sacramentum. Their first official release was the MCD "Finis Malorum", which was self-financed, recorded in 1994, and re-released one year later (in 1995) by the French label Adipocere Records. Their positively-received MCD was followed in 1996 by their first full-length album "Far Away From The Sun". This debut album came out to near-unanimously positive reviews and is still regarded as one of the finest melodic black/death metal albums. Their subsequent albums, 1997's "The Coming of Chaos" and 1999's "Thy Black Destiny" focused less on a melodic death/black metal sound and more on a fusion of black, death and thrash metal. Their current status is unclear since little has been heard from them since the "Thy Black Destiny" album, except some live performances in 2001.

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