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There are 6 artist/bands that use the name Sacred. 1. Formed summer 2007 by Stockport based guitarist/vocalist Jack Doyle and drummer Paul Hanley. After playing together in other bands, the pair became increasingly bored of Manchester’s fashion driven "indie only policy” live music scene and retreated to their practice space to indulge their love of Metal influenced Alt/Rock which formed the basis of Sacred's now distinct Hard Rock sound. The bands influences range from: The Smashing Pumpkins, Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr., Nirvana, Soundgarden, Melvins, Pixies, Tad, Husker Du and Kyuss to the British Goth sounds of Joy Division and The Cure. After a few months of writing and demoing, Doyle and Hanley recruited Stockport bassist Daniel Land to complete the 3-piece line up of the band. Several gigs later, Sacred built a reputation on Manchester's live circuit as the city's heaviest band, which garnered them glowing reviews on Audiences are no different either! Give the band a crowd of 20 or 200 people, Sacred's live set never fails to get a positive reaction, winning over every crowd they play in front of, be it hangers on from the long gone days of Madchester, to the coked up fashonistas who still aren’t sure if "The Mighty Boosh" is a band or a TV show. 2. Finnish Heavy metal band from Kuopio. Roni Mikkonen - Vocals (Taste Utopia , TWISTED SILENCE , Virtuocity, THE ROCKERS ) Rieti Jauhiainen - Drums (Project Silence, Virtuocity, Cosmic Dog, Tunteet-organisaatio, Savo) Petri Hietikko - Guitar (Project Silence, Refrain, Nightvision) 3. Imagine equal measures of plaintive melancholy, passionate mellifluousness and thrasonical bombast set against a kaleidoscopic soundscape. Its difficult isnt it? Thats why Sacred had to create it. With the voices of sinner and saint, Sacred is fronted by the devilish siren vocals of Jemima Price and Virginia Van Kan, hailing from Lingfield and Brighton respectively. Their paths crossed in 2004 when they were co-writing for a project that evolved into Sacred. They'd both had extensive experience gigging, both here and in the U.S. They were also both experienced writers in their own right. The music and songs they created were dramatic, atmospheric, moody and powerful: anthemic choruses with soaring harmonies. The music demanded twin lead vocals so, in order to faithfully deliver the music live, the decision was made for them both to front the band. Once set on this course, the controls were opened full-throttle to create an album of dark-side but radio-friendly Halloween music for the maladjusted. Music that captures the beauty in darkness. It's a blinding ray of black light. 4.Българска училищна група: Членове: * Виктор Кръстанов - Клавишни + back vocal * Максим Петров - Ударни * Мартин Христов - Бас * Николай Костов - Китара * Стефан Вашев - Вокал It's Sacred. 5. Electronic music producer soundcloud: youtube: 6. Dark ambient/electronic project from Spokane, WA.

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