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There are at least three artists known under this name: 1.)The Black Metal band from Greece has so far released one demo, "Total Nothingness" and in 2007 have released a full length, "A Curse in Disguise". It was April of 2005 when Ungod of Insidius Infernus decided to join forces with Nadir to create a raw Black metal act named SAD. SAD intented to play dismal pessimistic Black metal as minimal as it gets with no keyboards and samples. The lyrical content deals with the dark aspects of life and beyond, and have nothing to do with politics or anything happy someone can imagine. In July of 2005 SAD begun and completed the recordings of their first CD named “Total Nothingness” in less than ten hours. Ungod composed all the music and played all the instruments while Nadir wrote all the lyrics and performed the vocals. “Total Nothingness” is set to be released through Regimental Records within 2005. And that was only the beginning. SAD will continue to spit more stressful Black metal as they are already working on some new rotten ideas. On the first days of November 2005, SAD entered FRAGILE STUDIOS in Athens, and recorded 8 new tracksfor an upcoming album.The recording sessions lasted about 10 hours, and they were finished by the 7th of November.In the following weeks, mixing and mastering took place in FRAGILE STUDIOS again, and before the end of 2005, the new tracks were finished.The production was much better this time, giving the tracks the strength they needed. The album is titled “A curse in disguise” and was released through Regimental Records again, on June 11th. On 2009, SAD released a new album, named "Enlightened by Darkness", through Old Temple records. After the release of some splits, the band released another full length album in 2010, called "Abandoned and Forgotten", through Old Temple records. Their newest release is an EP containing 2 songs, called "...And His Minions Shall Eternally Reign", through Self Mutilation Services. 2.)a member of Russian rap-group called “Nevsky Beat” («Невский Бит»), a black metal band from Greece and a swiss rap producer. The Russian rap-group Nevsky Beat was formed in 1996 by Anton (“Tony-boy”) and Marat (“Krec”). They were rapping and making music together. In the later years, some new members have joined: Fuze (DJ), Pol' (Поль (drummer)) and Sad (keyboard). Tony was rapping. 3.)The swiss producer released two albums. On both he is collaborating with all kind of Swiss music artists, including stress, baze, züri west, greis...

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