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Alisa Shakor -Vocals Pavel Lihotvor -Guitar Julia Balan -Keys Sergey Matushenko -Guitar Sergey Lihotvor -Bass Anna Polozova -Viola Maxim Nazarets -Drums The band was originally formed in 2005 by vocalist Alisa Shakor as an all-female band under the name Alice in Wonderland. Brothers Pavel (guitar) and Sergey Lihotvor (bass) joined the band shortly afterwards, and through numerous line up changes over the next few years the trio of Alisa, Pavel and Sergey remained the core of the band. The current lineup took shape in early 2010, and the band has focused on recording their debut single (“Open Your Eyes”) and EP (“Clock of Eternity”). The band’s sound is a distinctive blend of gothic metal with elements of doom, decorated with a symphonic wrap and multifaceted semantic filling. Lyrically, the main themes deal with the concepts of time, human feelings as reflection of real life experiences, and philosophical questions.

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