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Sad Legend is a Melodic Black Metal band from Seoul, South Korea. They formed in 1997. Despite their country of origin, Sad Legend shares much in common with the NWOSDM bands, although including much more of a black metal influence. That then should describe the sound as very melodic, flowing, and quite atmospheric (provided significantly by the keyboards in this case). The riffs are not very complex, but they serve a very basic rhythmic purpose; there is also a very definite lead guitar that often performs a slow evolving melody (this contrast is similar to the clean guitar lead of older Hybernoid, but not quite as extreme). It seems lately that the overall quality of a music is being hinged more and more not on the prowess of the individual musicians, but on the cumulative work from writing, to performing, to production. Sad Legend certainly is setting for an achievement in quality of production: the layers in the songs blend seemlessly, to the point where the low black metal style vocals fit in without compromise (a point that some will find more value in than others). The definite foreground has been mixed as to entwine you in the mystery, but balanced as to not prevent you from being swept away by the normally dark and depressing atmosphere. A solid uniform sound. Current line-up Naamah - Vocals (all), Bass, Guitar, Drums, Synths (Holymarsh, Kalpa, Silent Eye, Oathean (session)) (Drums/Vocals live) Live/session members: Na Byeong-Geol - Guitar No Hwan-Su - Guitar Lee Gang-Hyeon - Bass (Dark Ambition)

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