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Myspace Official "normal" page Facebook Official Facebook "FanPage" with update and new exclusive songs ! ______________ Sadman First a balanced, laidback soundscape accompanied by a distinctive and strong voice full of expression presenting you with the melody. And then an emotional outburst where the harder and harsher dominate. Soon to return to the somber and tranquil… The debut album “Cold in the State of Me”, released in 2008, was one of the most successful debut albums ever released by Memento Materia. It was chosen as the Album of the Month by the alternative music magazine Sonic Seducer and the reviews were fantastic. The new album – “9th and Last Life” In the Sideline review of the debut album you could read “There’s nothing wrong with this album and that will be probably a serious problem for the next album” but we are happy and proud to tell you that there is no problem at all. Far from it! On Sadman’s new album “9th and Last Life” you will experience a beautifully dark electropop/rock soundscape presented with even more confidence and craftsmanship. Here you have a band that knows how to combine the tranquil and atmospheric with the harsh and angry – creating a vivid and invigorating soundscape with influences from bands like Radiohead and Depeche Mode. That the success has resulted in confidence and trust shows in the truly remarkable variation offered on the new album – darker, rougher tracks in “I Hide”, “9th” and “How” mixed with softer, more laid back tracks in “Angel (In the Leap)”, “I’m off” and he stunning ballad “End up in a Calm”. Add to this electronically infused pop tunes in “Gone” and “Drama” and you are again presented with a wide spectrum of high quality music. And prepare to be surprised – there are parts on this album more sinister than you have ever heard before from this band. The first single to be released from the album is the dark anthem “I Hide” (digital release, January 2010). A track that overwhelms you with its beauty and powerful soundscape Sadman continues their tremendous journey, now with a second convincingly strong release. The album “9th and Last Life” is a varied, emotional, beautiful and professional dark electro album that will be loved by fans all over the world. Sadman is Lars Fernström and Mattias Räftegård

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