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Sads biography

SADS is a band of Kiyoharu (Kiyoharu, member of the Visual Kei group Kuroyume/黒夢), Sakashita, Masarou and Eji that plays a pretty straight blend of post-punk, grunge and glam rock influenced music. Kiyoharu still maintains his eclectic vocal approach, however, which gives their sound a nicely unique flavor despite being a bit more conventional in overall style. Discography Single TOKYO 99/7/7   1.TOKYO 2.TRIPPER 3.CRACKER'S BABY Album SAD BLOOD ROCK'N 'ROLL 99/9/2 1.LIAR 2.TRIPPER-Album version- 3.Private thirsty night 4.HONEY HONEY 5.Loveless Lover 6.DISCOVER 7.Mr.『YA』 8.1968 9.Teen age 10.TOKYO-Album version- 11.OUT OF SIGHT 12.憂鬱という名の夢 13.HAPPY Single SANDY 99/10/14   1.SANDY 2.Crisis Single 赤裸々 00/1/13 1.赤裸々 2.Teen Age(remix) 3.LIAR(live version) Single 忘却の空 00/4/12 1.忘却の空 2.ハイエナ 3.MATERIAL OF SKY Single ストロベリー 00/4/12 1.ストロベリー 2.Smash It Up 3.ELEMENT OF BLOOD Album BABYLON 00/6/7 1.Welcome to my BABYLON   2.PRAYER 3.アジト 4.Feeling High & Satisfied 5.ストロベリー 6.What Can I Do 7.Liberation 8.忘却の空 9.LATE SHOW 10.GENTLE DARKNESS 11.DARLIN 12.STUCK LIFE 13.SAD PAIN 14.Conclusion of my BABYRON   15.赤裸々-new mix- 16.CRACKER'S BABY-new take- 17.SANDY-remix- Single NIGHTMARE 00/11/16 1.NIGHTMARE 2.FINALE Single PORNO STAR 01/6/20   1.PORNO STAR 2.Want 3.FOR YOU Mini AlbumAPPETIZING 4 SONGS EP 01/7/25 1.ロザリオと薔薇 2.The Life Beyond Desperation 3.Children of the Revolution 4.Rezyng Album THE ROSE GOD GAVE ME 01/8/29 1.Hello 2.Hate 3.See A Pink Thin Cellophane 4.Three Eyes Trial 5.Nancy 6.PORNO STAR 7.Metal Fur 8.Cry Out 9.The Life Beyond Desperation 10.Spider 11.ロザリオと薔薇 12.Darkness Is My Spiral Mind 13.Because Album UNTITLED 02 1.MAKING MOTHER FUCKER 2.ID POP 3.WHAT'S FUNNY? 4.NOTHING 5.FREEZE 6.サロメ 7.DEPRAVITY DAY 8.GHOST 9.GIRL IN RED 10.AWAKE 11.THANK YOU Album 13 03/3/26 1.PSYCHO 2.Sherry 3.FREEZE(mix 2) 4.TOO FAST TO DIE 5.Beside you 6.ナイトメア 7.PARTY 8.ID POP(mix 2) 9.DEPRAVITY DAY(FOOL’S Version) 10.AWAKE(mix 2) 11.FAIRY’S MALICE 12.WIZARD 13.EVERYTHING Single Masquerade 03/5/28   1.Masquerade 2.楽園 3.EVERYTHING(FULL ACOUSTIC VERSION) Album GREATEST HITS~BEST OF 5 YEARS~ 03/7/9 1.TOKYO 2.SANDY 3.CRISIS 4.赤裸々 5.忘却の空 6.ストロベリー 7.NIGHTMARE 8.FINALE 9.ポルノスター 10.ロザリオと薔薇 11.HONEY 12.Sherry 13.Masquerade 14.楽園 15.HAPPY (NEW TAKE)

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