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Safe In Numbers currently consists of Scott Plante- Vocals,Corey Cullen-Guitar/Back up Vocals, Dave Levine-Drums,and Jason Dwire-Bass. At it's inception during the beginning of 2011 Dave, Scott and Corey got together with the idea to not only make genuine hard rock music but to not follow the trends of today's "rock" group's by swaying towards a more pop status. This band truly believes that emotion drives the music. Not an urge for stardom. That a true artist will express himself honestly to his fans regardless of its popularity. With the addition of Jason Dwire in late fall the band has been writing non stop to seperate its sound from the rest. All four have come together to create a new age rock group ready to take the New England rock scene by storm. The group have all been in notable touring acts such as Shutter, Silent Season, Spaulding, and Into Apathy. Each one of them is extremely driven to take Safe In Numbers to the top of the rock charts. Safe In Numbers is currently in the studio recording their debut album, and are releasing a handful of songs online for the fans to get a taste of whats to come. Their first release "Clear the Sky" received over 700+ views, 200 likes and a rapidly rising hype in less than two weeks of its release. With all members already having loyal fans from their prevous projects, they have already built a foundation for their product and vow to not stop until they've kicked, clawed, and bit their way to the top of the music industry. With their unmatched drive, genuine sound,and quickly rising fan base Safe In Numbers is no band to be reckoned with, and will with out a doubt be a household name in the years to come.

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