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Safet Isović (born 1936, in Bileća, Bosnia-Herzegovina, passed away September 2, 2007, in Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina) was a very prominent and popular sevdah performer. Safet Isović was believed to be the best sevdah performer of all times by many people including people within the music industry. Throughout his career, Safet Isović performed at music festivals and won many of them which has contributed to the prevalence and popularity of the sevdah. This was especially the case during the time of former Yugoslavia where the sevdah became and still is very popular first and foremost amongst Bosniaks in Bosnia and Herzegovina. However, this prevalence and popularity also continued amongst Bosniaks in Sandžak and Macedonia. Later, the sevdah also became somewhat popular amongst some non-Bosniaks but the sevdah is still a key musical part of Bosniak culture. Discography: Ne vjeruj joj jarane Sjetuje me majka Moj zumbule Moj bagreme Sta se ovo Bosnom cuje Izabrane Sevdalinke 1 Izabrane Sevdalinke 2 Car Sevdaha Za dusu i sjecanje Sehidski rastanak Legenda o Bosni 2003 Safet Isovic i prijatelji - Koncert u Zetri 2003

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