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Saiko-pod biography

Alias used by Danish psytrance act, Koxbox for a number of high-octane releases on T.I.P. Records. Originally called Psychopod, Saiko-pod got a name change when the duo decided to change the style of the music. In 2001, Saiko-pod released the seminal album "Phutures and Options" on Spiral Trax. Two years later, the album "Phutureremixes" was released on Spiral Trax sublabel, ACDC. With the release of these albums, Saiko-pod gained considerable success on the international dance scene, helped with a number of strong remixes by Atmos, Miro and Trentemoller's partner, True To Nature. In 2004, Frank'e and Ian Ion split up and Ian continued at the helm. After some time touring and working on other projects, Ian and Saiko-pod resurfaced with the single "Electroid Sheep" on Iboga Records, released on Election Day 2008.

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