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Saiku 720 is a recording Artist, Producer, Music Composer, Score Composr, Song writer & arranger, Television producer. Saiku 720 has worked with or produced with : The INC Records, Death Row East, Ruff Ryders,Terror Squad, Appeared on various soundtracks & Albums, including: Ja RUle, Beef(Movie),Animal,Better Days. Has appeared in over 30 Music Videos,Commercials & Movies...Including..Destiny Child,Nelly,DMX,Amerie,D'Angelou,MAxwell, Bamboozled, Disappearing Acts, Summer Of Sam, Notorious, 100 Centre St.(T.V. show). Saiku 720 currently composes music for B.E.T. & produces/directs for Gospel Networks Bobby Jones Next Generation. Aswell as being an active member of Queens Bridge's 848 Mobb along with Lakey The Kidd. Saiku 720 Also is co- founder of Queens Group HoodSTock America.

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