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'''''Sajjad Ali''''' ([[Urdu]]: '''سجاد علی'''. Born [[1966]]) is a [[Pakistan|Pakistani]] [[semi-classical music|semi-classical]], [[pop music|pop]] [[singer]], [[film actor]], [[film director|director]] and [[film producer|producer]]. He was one of the pioneers of pop music and emerged to fame in the early [[1980|1980's]]. However, he was already known to some people as a semi-classical singer due to his work in the classicial industry and his family popularity. He is one of very few Pakistani pop singers with full training in [[classical music|classical singing]]. == Life & Career == Sajjad Ali was born in [[1966]] [[Karachi]]. He was born in a cricketer family which showed visible signs of musical talents at a very young age. His father, Shafqat Hussain ([[Sajan (director)|Sajan]]), was a cricketer and a leading movie actor at the time he was born. In [[1972]], when Sajjad was in his sixth year, Tasadduq Husain, his uncle, a cricketer and a music lover was overwhelmed by his musical abilities. Due to this, Husain started teaching music to Sajjad with his classical collection. During Sajjad's training, Husain played music from legenary classicial artists such as [[Ustad Bade Ghulam Ali Khan]] and Ustaad Barkat Ali Khan and Ustad Mubarak Ali Khan. As time went on Sajjad learnt and familiarized himself with the various styles of music and instruments such as ragas that allowed Sajjad to build his musical talent. Sajjad released his first classical hit album "[[Sajjad Ali 1980 singles|Master Sajjad sings Memorable Classics]] in 1979 the musicians were Great Bade Ghulam Ali Khan Sab, Mehdi Hassan Khan Sahab and Ghulam Ali and Amanat Ali Khan Sab, most of the songs were written by [[Hasrat Mohani]], Momin and many more. Sajjad made his debut on the 25th anniversary of [[Pakistan Television|PTV]]'s stage show, called [[Silver Jubilee]], on November 26, 1983. During the show, Sajjad sung the song [[Sajjad Ali 1980 singles|Lagi ray lagay lagan yehe dil mein]] and [[Sajjad Ali 1980 singles|Bawari Chakuri]]. The song was a huge hit in Pakistan and allowed Sajjad to take the first few steps in the music industry. Sajjad great talent went on with major hits such as [[Babia 93]], [[Chief Saab]], [[Sohni Lag Di]], and many more. Sajjad and his brother, [[Waqar Ali]], wrote lyrics for Sajjad's album. Also, lyricistes, Sabir Zafar, Mohammad Nasir, Nadeem Asad, and Ali Moin also wrote songs for Sajjad. In the film indusrty, Sajjad also directed his first movie [[Love letter]] in [[1989]] and then his first full lenth motion picture [[Aik Aur love story]] in [[1998]]. His brother [[Waqar Ali]] is also in the music industry. Sajjad Ali sang the song "[[Teri Yaad|Teri Yaad]], [[Rangeen|Na Boloon Gi]] and [[Sajjad Ali 1980 singles|Sunn Leyna]]" for drama seriels. His brother, Waqar also helped during the making of the songs as is credited too. Nowadays, Sajjad Ali is a widely acclaimed Pakistani singer, whose trial and tribulation with singing reflects his own profound belief in the power of music. During July 2006, Sajjad released a brand new single called "[[Chal Rein De]]" in which he has a complete make over and has produced a more classcial song rather than a pop version which is more popular for. However, the song has been a smash hit. He has entered hearts of millions of people in Pakistan with his soulfull classical singing. In the [[September 3]] [[2006]], Sajjad Ali released another little known single in a totally different genre with the help of Meloscience Corp. The song is known as [Sajjad-Ali Sinsym Flight], and it is an experimental, jazzy, sufi beat, different then anything he has ever created. == Discography == === Albums === * [[Sajjad Ali 1980 singles|Master Sajjad Sings Memorable Classics]] (1979) * [[Goldies Not Oldies]] (1983) * [[Love Letter (soundtrack)|Love Letter]] (1990) * [[Wachan]] (1992) * [[Babia 93]] (1993) * [[Chief Saab]] (1995) * [[Cinderella (album)|Cinderella]] (2001) * [[Moody (album)|Moody]] (1996) * [[Aik Aur love story]] (1998) * [[Sohni Lag Di]] (1999) * [[Teri Yaad]] (2002) * [[Koi to baat ho]] (2003) * [[Rangeen]] (2004) * [[Collection 2]] (2006) === Singles === * [[Babia (song)|Babia]] * ChalUrrja * [[Kuch Larrkiyan Mujhe]] * Chief Saab * Mahiwal * Tasvirain * Jadoo * Jhullay Lal * Chal Jhooti * Dua Karo * Pyar Hai * Lari Adda * [[Paniyon Mein]] * Sohni Lag Di * [[Cinderella (Sajjad song)|Cinderella]] * Tere Yaad * [[Aisa Laga]] * Koe Naheen * Na Tum Jano Na Hum Janian (Na Boloon Gi)(Rangeen) * [[Chal Rein De]] (July 2006) == Filmography == ===As Composer=== * [[Aik Aur love story]] (1999) * [[Mujhe Chand Chahiye]] (2000) ===As Director=== *[[Aik Aur love story]] (1999) ===As Actor=== *[[Aik Aur love story]] (1999)

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