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Salam biography

There at least two bands with the name Salam: 1) Winners of the 2008 Jordanian Band Competition, SALAM performed in various events and festivals in Jordan, the latest being Jordan Festival 2010. They also toured Egypt last fall with concerts across Alexandria and Cairo. They released their new album "1944" in February 2011 Members: Salam Homoud - Vocals, Guitars Munzer Jaber - Bass guitar Yarub Smairat - Violin Ali Jaffal - Drums Lawrence Razzouq - Keyboards Nes Getsy - Everything else 2) Salam was founded in 1998 in Zichuinchor, Senegal. At that time Thierno Barry played at cultural evenings and at the Alliance Franco/Senegal, together with another guitar player. Thierno wanted more, however, so he started an adventurous journey, alone with his guitar. He moved to Abéné, a small village near Casamance river, where he met a fabulous percussion player. A new Salam was born. Salam is inspired by the sounds of the Casamance. The rich musical traditions of the Mandinka and Diola tribes have a large influence on the style of Salam. A style they call “African folk”. Salam fight for world peace through their music, they warn us for the dangers of drugs and they sing about love… Peace and love, oneness of heart and soul for everybody. Salam are: Thierno Barry - Guitar and vocals Eve Hase - Violin Diakaria Badji - Djembé Akassa Mane - Sewrouba Matar Guaye - Guitar

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