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Salamandra biography

1) Salamandra is a Power Metal band from Czech Republic (Ostrava), with lyrics in English language. Salamandra was founded by guitarist Pavel Slíva, who had been realized in speed and melody-metal. Debut release Twilight of Legends was recorded in October 1998 in the studio Citron and released in 1999. Since then Salamandra has shown no sign of stopping releasing Skarremar in 2000, Great Moravian Elegies in 2004, Faces of Chimera in 2007, Time to Change in 2010. In 2012 lineup changes were made and a new singer introduced. In 2014 Imperatus the 6th album was launched. 2) Salamandra was a Latvian pomp metal band of the late 1980s that is best remembered as featuring Jānis Gūža (Johnny Salamander) and Ēriks Budēvics (Hameleoni) in its lineup. 3) Salamandra is Drum n' Bass from Russia staring by the female DJ and singer Anna Salamandra She has participed as a singer in the russian drum and bass project Noize Draft too. Working with: Phetsta (Bad Robot), TKO, Task Horizon, DubAlley, DJon, Andrey Burtaev (Electrosoul System), PBK, Modemellow, High Rankin, Comitet, Noize Draft, Alex Pusher, MC Akmula & others 4) Salamandra is a latin rock/pop band from Ypacarai, Paraguay.

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