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Salia biography

Salia is a talented stage performer and recording artist! Breaking into the Anime and J-Pop scene with the theme for the Japanese anime, "Cutie Honey Flash", she then gained fame as the singer of the ending theme song of the popular Sentai show "Gao Ranger" and the opening theme song "Trust" from the anime "Vandred". Since then she has shined as a writer and composer for groups like the Funny Stones and her own musical group "unicorn table", which she shines as lead vocalist. Salia's love of Jazz, R&B, Blues and Rock are evident as she presents versatility and strong vocal skills through a variety of music formats including R&B, Techno, Pop and Rock. Salia is quickly becoming a popular icon of the American J-pop scene due to her adorable personality, her uniquely cute fashion statements, and energetic stage presence. Currently Salia is working on a much anticipated solo project which will display many of her versatile vocal abilities.

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