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There are at least 7 bands named Sally: 1) A Chicago, IL based psychedelic indie band formed in 2003. Sally's body of work is the collaboration of charlie deets, Mark Berlin, Melissa Neis, and a variety of drummers, most recently Nick Smalkowski. Their first release was a self-titled full length that generated a good deal of hype within the Chicago scene and built the band a loyal following. They followed with a series of EPs issued on Paribus Records, each bringing stylistic changes and a new drummer. After a break in live shows to write some songs in late 2006 and the first half of 2007, Sally issued their second full length album, Long Live The New Flesh, which they are currently supporting. 2) A Stoner/Doom/Drone Metal band from Birmingham. Sally is currently on Rise Above Records and has released two albums, Self-titled in 1999 and C-Earth in 2003. Sally consist of Lee Smith (vocals), Andy Parker, (guitar), Peter Brown (bass) and Dirty von Donovan (drums) 3) A New York City–based pop band. Hailing from the boroughs of Queens and Brooklyn, the group consists of songwriter Jordan Cooper (guitar, accordion, back up vocals), Kristen Gudsnuk (lead vocals, glockenspiel, melodica, tambourine), Will Kastner (drums and percussion), and Steve Rauscher (bass guitar). Sally originated from a series of songs written by Jordan from the perspective of a fictitious, lovelorn girl. Their debut EP, We Are In A Car, was released in July 2012. Their official web site is 4) Salvatore from Allenhurst. Performs most Wednesdays at the Inkwell in Long Branch. 5) Visual Kei band "SCHELLEN" is also known as "Sally", though the right tag for it is "サリー". 6) A noise grunge type guitar band formed by Robin Schmidt in Melbourne Australia. It was active in the 1990s. They released an album entitled "I am a Donut" in the late nineties and appeared on some compilation cds. 7) A doujin circle from Japan, also spelled as サリー. Not to be confused with the visual kei band that has claimed the page.

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