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Not an overnight success, Sally Anthony has sold over 150,000 albums independently (including placing 2 albums on the Billboard Top 200) and toured with Christina Aguilera, Oasis, James Taylor, Natalie Merchant and Tom Petty to name a few since she hit the scene in 2002. A daughter of musicians, it's not a surprise music is such a big part of Sally's life. She recorded her first demo in a trailer in Lafayette, IN. "That’s not the funny part," says Sally. "The first time I played my demo for a big time producer, who will remain nameless, he fell asleep halfway through. That was awkward!" Don't worry, Sally told us she came away from that experience laughing, not crying. In co-founding what is now the 5th largest indie label in the US,. Sally made the brazen decision to turn down multiple major record deals in order to control her music and vision. That vision along with thought provoking songs like “Villain”, “So Long”, “Today Is Not Tomorrow” and “I Could Be Great”, has made a huge impact in the lives of Anthony’s fans. In addition, Anthony has proven she isn’t a one trick pony, as her music is played across multiple radio formats including, Alternative, Top 40, Triple A and Hot AC. Sally's inspirations include: Ani Difranco, Eminem, Whitney Houston, Prince, Michael Jackson, Bob Seger, Dr Catherine Hamlin, Ruth Bell Graham, Kate Winslett and Drew Barrymore. Favorite quote "sometimes I've believed as many as 6 impossible things before breakfast." ~Lewis Carroll

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