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There are four artists with this name: 1) Samuel was a band from state college, Pennsylvania. they were active in the mid-1990's, releasing two 7" EP's (self titled and Lives of Insects) on the label Art Monk Construction. The band also released a split 7" with Texas Is the Reason on the then British label Simba. Samuel definitely played among the crowd of mid-90's 'post hardcore' or 'emo' bands. However, their sound probably owed as much to more straight forward 'indie rock' as it did to any of the member's hardcore roots. The Lives of Insects EP was released on a CDEP with two additional songs. Members: Vanessa Downing: vocals Eric Astor: drums J. Marinelli: guitar Dean Taormina: the bass Josh Deutsch: guitar 2) (Samuel) is an experimental project produced by Samuel Miller. He has five official releases since 2004 under the name (Samuel) and the pseudonyms 'sml' / '[sml]'. 'American Samuel' is commonly used as his online pseudonym. (Samuel) is an entirely self-produced project. His music is regarded unique for his creatively humorous lyrics, bizarre song concepts, and bleeding-heart vocals that exhibit the unquestionable sincerity behind his songs. The parenthetical artist name intends to suggest the insignificance of the artist's ego/identity -- whomever 'Samuel' may be, it should be an afterthought to the passion that inspired his songs. Miller considers this a focus on the authenticity of his creations. Songs are most often about female love interests, nature, drugs, and general zen-themes like the duality of life/death. (Samuel) has been regarded as a 'brutally honest' musical autobiography. 3) Samuel is a pop singer from New York signed to Columbia Records. With an album in the works, the hype surrounding this up and coming talent has attracted major names from the hip-hop and pop world, all eager to work with him. Samuel decided to pursue a solo career after being introduced to Ben “DJ BRoc” Ruttner, part of the production duo The Knocks. He has collaborated with them in remixes for Ellie Goulding and The Temper Trap. His debut album "Trains to Wanderland" was released online after negotiations with his former label. 4) Samuel is Indonesian male vocalist. He rose his fame as the winner of Akademi Fantasi Indosiar. His new stage name is Samuel Dharmawan.

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