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Satronica biography

Satronica has been involved in Hardcore and other forms of aggressive electronic music ever since he started supporting The Horrorist (aka Oliver Chesler) in the mid-90's by manning the live equipment and performing vocals for his infamous shows. Soon thereafter, he began producing music and performing live with Alexander Chesler in the group Acrosome. Satronica's DJ career began to take off around the same time. He has DJ'ed and performed all over North America and Europe spinning a brutal mix of dark and deranged selections. Satronica has releases on Things to Come Records and Industrial Movement as Acrosome, and on Industrial Strength Records, Bastard Loud Records, Apocalypse Recordings, and Acardipane Records as Satronica. His tracks have also appeared on many major hardcore and electro / techno compilations. Satronica's latest release is "Make them Suffer" on Apocalypse recordings, with one track from this album already picked up as the first track on the compilation "Darkcore 9: Sessions of the Unexpected," mixed by Unexist & Tieum on Masters of Hardcore Records.

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