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Saya no Uta (沙耶の唄 lit. Saya's Song) is an adult visual novel by Nitroplus with gore and horror elements. Some fans consider the plot to be Lovecraft-like. Although direct references of Mythos elements are minimal, the dark, eerie atmosphere essentially reminds people of his works. Also, Nitroplus is more well-known for the production of the heavily Mythos-inspired Demonbane series. Every track on the game's soundtrack has a title that starts with an 'S'. 1. SCHIZOPHRENIA 2. SABBATH 3. SEEK 4. SPOOKY SCAPE 5. SONG OF SAYA I 6. SONG OF SAYA II 7. SIN 8. SUNSET 9. SHAPESHIFT 10. SCARE SHADOW 11. SCREAM 12. SAVAGE 13. SILENT SORROW 14. Song of Saya (沙耶の唄), sung by Kanako Itō 15. Shoes of Glass (ガラスのくつ), sung by Kanako Itō

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