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SBK is the name of 2 different groups: 1) Being a DJ for 16 Years now, Sebastian Krüger has started playing out in the early age of 16, with EBM, Grunge & Punk music. After discovering techno-music and falling in love with the progressive house vibe, soon he became resident-dj in one of germanies most famous trance-clubs "grube" and started to produce his own music under the monikers "Digital Sun" and "Tarsis" for Polytox and Spirit Zone Records. "Tarsis" was the very first project that combined the prog-housy influences with the common trance of the nineties and set a cuepoint for a completly new style in the european trancescene... After 2 two very sucsessfull albums, many gigs all over europe, and honors such as writing the soundtrack for germanies most famous TV-criminal movie series "Tatort", Sebastian seperated from his ex-production partner and started his soloproject "SBK". From that point he got his fully international breakthrough with live- and dj-gigs all over the globe. The first SBK album "Treibstoff" was one of the best sold trancealbums of the year, and it´s smash-hit "Morgenlatte" rocked every Dancefloor of the world and is still one of the most covered Trance-Tracks ever. Together with his friend Greg Coyle (UK), in 2002 they started the "twisted prog-house" project Krueger&Coyle with a coulple of 12"es on Automatic Rec. and finally the "Randy Expander" album on ACDC Rec., as well as many live- and dj-gigs all over the globe. Their album hit "the witness" was elected as one of the 8 strongest prog-house tracks of the year by UKs famous imprint MIXMAG, and is still availbale as a ringtone at Jamba UK... For the past 5 years, Sebastian has been playing almost every weekend in cities such as Tokyo, Melbourne, Sydney, Teipei, Montreal, Toronto, New York, Sao Paulo, Mexico City, Cancun, London, Paris, Lisbon, Porto, Brussels, Tel Aviv, Istanbul, Cologne and many more ... 2) A Japanese funk/pop/electronic/hip-hop band, formed in 1995. Sukebo King (スケボーキング, Skateboard King) is their official name, but call themselves SBK during lives, when featured with other groups and on CDs. They were one of the 6 popular Japanese artists featured in the short-lived supergroup TMC ALLSTARS and released the "TMC Graffiti" single in 2000. They are most famous for their exceptional single “TOKIO LV.” The PV for “TOKIO LV” was popular and featured the boys in fast-food worker, boxer, and polo rider getups. The group has released several studio albums and a remix album, and are on the Freddy Fresh release Have Record Will Travel, featured vocalists in the song “Are You Feelin’ It.” They called it a day in 2004, but reformed in 2008. After releasing the album Returns and collaborating with Dragon Ash for two more installments of their "Episode" series, they disbanded once again in 2010. SHIGEO is currently occupied with a new supergroup called ATOM ON SPHERE and continuing work with THE SAMOS, both of which perform music that fuses dance, rock and electronic elements. Members : * SHIGEO (VOCAL(HIGH VOICE), GUITAR) * SHUN (VOCAL(LOW VOICE), SYNTHESIZER) * SHUYA (TURNTABLE) * MASH (BASS) * MAC (DRUMS)

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