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SCAM Are... Sy (Krafty Kuts), Chris (Krafty Kuts), Aston (Freestylers). Matt Cantor (Freestylers). So there you go, all you need to know. If you put 4 of the breaks scene’s most established producers together in a studio, lock them in for a few days with no food, this is what they come up with… and it’s safe to say the results have been phenomenal. Sy & Chris have launched a new breaks label, ‘Deep Cut Recordings’, so where better to showcase them SCAM material than on the label. The first release, “get into the music” & “I Feel it” took the breaks scene by storm, no body knew who SCAM were or what label this release was on, but they soon found out. The second release on Deepcut was by Krafty Kuts themselves. ‘The Ill Funk Slammer’ was one of the most played dancefloor breaks tracks of last year and sold well in excess of 3,000 copies, not bad for a new label huh?? The latest and third release, ‘Killa’ by SCAM reached number 2 in the breaks chart and has been a huge smash, receiving rave reviews all around the world and really setting up the Deep Cut label as one of the big players in the breaks scene. From

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