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Schizo is the name of at least six artists: 1. A thrash metal band from Italy 2. A metal band from South Korea 3. A metal band from Sweden 4. A progressive rock band from France 5. An industrial band from Finland 6. A punk rock band from the United States 1) An Italian Thrash Metal band from Catania (Sicily) Primemovers of the italian extreme metal scene together with Bulldozer (Ita) and Necrodeath. Their "Main Frame Collapse" album is still cult among underground circles. Their 2007 release "Cicatriz Black" has been extremely well received by critics and fans. Current line-up: Volcano - Bass (2007- ) (ex Sinoath, ex Tomnet) S.B. Reder - Guitar/Vocals (1984-1990, 2005- ) (Mondocane (Ita), ex-Dead Schizo) Dario Casabona - Drums (ex-Sinoath, ex-Winged) Nicola Accurso - Vocals (2002-2004, 2005-) 2) Schizo/스키조 is electro metal/alternative metal band from Busan, South-Korea formed in 2002. Schizo combines rock and alternative metal to heavy nu-metal sounds an industrial and electronic based keyboards. They are often said to be Korean Rob Zombie. In live they play Rammstein song called Du Hast. In 2003 Schizo released their debut album "Dumbo Shit". In 2006 they released their second album called "Fight Against The World" after three years. The album's title track 'Fight' was featured in the Korean motion picture “Mutt Boy”. In 2007 they released their digital single "Mutation ~Shinigami Sanctuary~" It features Female vocalist Kim Hyun Suk. At the moment they are signed under 루시엔 엔터테이먼트 SBS records. Mixed Group (Male Vocal) Members: Huh Jae Hoon (허재훈) - Vocal Joo Sung Min (주성민) - Guitar Lee Hye Rim (이혜림) - Bass Bok Nam Kyu (복남규) - Drums Hayashi Hidehiro (하야시 히데히로) - FX ,Keyboard & Programming Albums * Dumbo Shit (2003) * Fight Against The World (2006) Single * Arirang Mok (2006 * Mutation ~Shinigami Sanctuary~ (2007) compilations * New Attack (2002) - gutseeora hubby * 똥개 (2003) - Tough Mutt * Happy Rock Christmas (2006) - Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer, Jingle Bell Happy Rock Christmas * 쏜다 (2007) - Hed Up Guns * Ghost On Summer 2007 - Hit Remake Parade! (2007) - 나를 돌아봐, Go Go Go! - I turn around, Go Go Go! * Ghost On Spotlight The 1st Story - Psycho, 버스안에서, Keep Your Faith Ghost On Spotlight The 1st Story - Psycho, in the bus, Keep Your Faith * 디워 (D-War: Legend Of Dragon) [Special Tribute Album] (2007) - Crow V3 (Theme Of Dwardler) Dragon Wars * Mayikap (tvN sitcom)(2008) - the world deceive you Official music videos Deep sign (2003) Body Movin (2003) Fight {featured on the soundtrack for the Korean animated film "Aachi and Ssipak) (2006) In The Bus (Feat. Kim Hyun Suk) (2007) (버스안에서 (Bus An-e-seo)) Official myspace: More music, fan sites etc. 3) A Swedish Classic-Blackmetal band from Luleå in the north of Sweden. 4) A French progressive-psych group lead by guitarist Richard Pinhas, who went on to record as Heldon. Schizo released only two singles in the early seventies. 5) Industrial metal band from Finland. 6) American punk rock band.

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