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The formation SCHLAFES BRUDER (BROTHER OF SLEEP) deliver their first single "Absolution" a rich sound that goes directly into the bloodstream. The music is epic, atmospheric, and an almost cinematic color. With German lyrics, Latin hymns and floating melodies reminiscent of the style of the successful project E ​​Nomine. In fact, even with the Schlafes Bruder lead founder, producer and writer of E Nomine - Fritz Graner and Kris Weller - Director. While the focus was still on electronic soundscapes and voiceover productions with well-known Hollywood actor, Weller and Graner have (now the lead singer) is now a new chapter: BROTHER OF SLEEP - not a sequel, but evolution! Powerful guitars and occult vocals characterize the relentless sound that washes around the ears as once the Mediterranean the ships and fates of the Crusaders. This is precisely the theme of the beginning of 2013 appears Album: The History of the Crusades, which was not always glorious, but ambivalent, hot-blooded and brutal. There are stories that tell of passion and passion, and sometimes sink to abysmal way in a dark limbo. There awaits the brother of sleep and takes the souls on their journey into the unknown. Travel without repentance -. Just as the story is irreversible BROTHER OF SLEEP's music describes the scenery in grand, stirring gestures. It is not my intention to criticize any religion or faith. Here is the hidden questions, doubts, trials and failed feelings that can still recognize the restless spirit of modern Crusader. A furious taste of the album is the song "Absolution", which takes up and it turned into a fiery plea for forgiveness leads to absolution for our sins in the name of belief.

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