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Schnuffel is an animated cartoon rabbit made at the end of 2007 by the German media company Jamba! for the marketing of one of its ringtones. The ringtone was turned into a song by Sebastian Nussbaum and Andreas Wendorf and recorded under the title ''Kuschel Song'' ("cuddling song"). Berliner Morgenpost: Ein grausamer Hase The single was released in February 2008 and the ringtone rabbit made it immediately to the top of the German ''and'' European charts. Mediacontrol: Schnuffels "Kuschel Song" erobert die Single-Charts After the song went to the top of the Austrian charts and to number 2 in Switzerland, plans were made to release the song internationally. Translations in 10 languages and an album has been released. ==Certifications== ''Singles'': AT: 1x Gold "Kuschelsong" (15,000 copies) DE: 1x [[Platinum]] "Kuschelsong" (300,000 copies) SONY BMG - Schnuffel - News ''Album'': AT: 1x [[Gold]] "Ich hab dich lieb" (10,000 copies) DE: 1x [[Gold]] "Ich hab dich lieb" (100,000 copies)

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