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Seiji is a pseudonym of Paul Dolby, from London, UK. His recording début was producer / engineer / keyboards / drum programming / vocals on Dai Bass' "Reach Out Of The Darkness" (1992, Active) and the latest is the single "Seiji4" (Jul 2011, Seiji). Dolby started in music as a classically trained cellist, but in the early 1990s he discovered hardcore techno, jungle and later US house and began producing a few years later. His first releases came out through the seminal jungle / drum and bass label, Reinforced, culminating in an album production, with his then partner Mark Lipka (aka G-Force), G-Force & Seiji's "Just Another Number" (1999, Reinforced). At the same time Seiji started collaborating with Orin Walters (Afronaught) and together they formed Bugz in the Attic which grew into a collective of 8 individuals based in West London. Bugz set up a studio and label, carving out a strong reputation, both individually and collectively, as cutting edge remixers and underground recording artists. They also jointly ran the legendary Sunday club night/institution, Co-Op. Bugz were particularly well known for their remixes which included 4hero, Macy Gray, Amy Winehouse, among many others and this led to them signing to V2 in 2004. With V2 they released a remixes album, a studio album, Back In The Doghouse, and the singles Booty La La and Move Aside. It was during Seiji's time with Bugz and on their Bitasweet Label that he released Loose Lips. He has also individually remixed Alicia Keys, Basement Jaxx, Erykah Badu and Crookers ft. Kid Cudi. Seiji left Bugz in 2007, since then he has worked with Roisin Murphy producing and co-writing much of her album, Overpowered, including the single of the same name. Recent releases include a fully electronic and instrumental album called DJ Tools, a single called Todo Mundo, and a series called 'seijigoodies' are available for complimentary download from his website. Sites: SoundCloud and (official)

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